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Tuesday, March 19 2019 @ 07:03 PM EDT

We currently have two DMR repeaters in operation.


  The first is a Motorola XPR8300 on 443.6625 MHz, color code 1 located in Conway, South Carolina.

  The second is a Motorola XPR8400 on 444.0875 MHz, color code 1 located in North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

 These repeaters are a part of the Brandmeister network.


If you are a regular user of our repeaters, we encourage you to sign up on our mailing list CLICK HERE (or email: and let us know.


All licensed amateur radio operaters are welcome to use the repeaters. In addition to FCC Part 97, please read and follow the NE4SC DMR Guidelines.  Another good reference to check out is the K4USD handbook.


 See who is on DMR live Click Here.


Below is a list of set Talkgroups. Many more are available from this list.

Any additional talkgroups you wish to add to your codeplugs, use on Time slot 1.


TG TS Talk Group Display Label F/PTT DCI / DMRX
Bridge - TG#
3100 1 BrandMeister USA 3100 USA 3100 PTT YES - 3100
91 1 Worldwide  Worldwide PTT  
93 1 North America  N America PTT  
8 2 NE4SC DMR repeaters System -Wide SW 8 F  
9 2 Local repeater only Local 9 F  
3174 2 Southeast Southeast PTT  
31604 2 Region 4 Reg 4 PTT  
3145 2 SC Statewide Statewide F YES - 3145
31459 2 Pee Dee Regional PeeDee F
310 2 TAC310 TAC310 PTT  YES - 310
311 2 TAC311 TAC311 PTT   YES - 311
312 2 TAC312 TAC312 PTT   YES - 312
9990 2 Echotest Echotest PTT  

Code plugs available with this repeater and its talkgroups by clicking HERE.




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