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Welcome to B.I.G. E.A.R.S.
Wednesday, August 04 2021 @ 05:56 PM EDT
Welcome to The Beach and Inland Group of the Emergency Armateur Repeater System.
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Here is a list of our current equipment and its status.
*** Unless otherwise noted all repeaters hava a tone of 123Hz ***
Repeater (freq / loc) Status Note
DMR Repeaters    
443.6625 /  Conway, SC

Color code 1

444.0875 /  N. Myrtle Beach, SC

Color code 1

D-Star Repeaters    
144.980 /  Myrtle Beach, SC

OFFSET +2.5Mhz

442.7875 / Myrtle Beach,  SC  
144.390 / Conway, SC APRS DIGI
Analog Repeaters    
146.655 / Myrtle Beach, SC Relocation in Progress
147.090 / Conway - Aynor, SC SKYWARN PRIMARY REPEATER
224.040 / Conway, SC  
224.140 / ??? New Location Pending
444.925 / Conway, SC  
444.975 / Myrtle Beach   Maintenance.
GMRS Repeaters    
462.550 / Conway *PL: 77Hz* GMRS - WQKX665
462.650 / Myrtle Beach *PL: 77Hz* GMRS - WQKX665
462.700 / Kingstree, SC *DPL: 125* GMRS - WQGQ252


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